Langston Development Co., Inc.


Langston Development Company, Inc. has been creating residential subdivisions for over 25 years. With over 1650 home sites created in 15 different subdivisions, Langston Development has extensive experience in developing communities in all price ranges. We have found that creating custom home subdivisions is our true passion and this is what we have exclusively focused on since the mid 1990's.
By concentrating on custom home communities we are able to focus on searching for ground with varying topography and exceptional natural features. Our goal is to preserve the maximum amount of the existing features of the land and dispel the notion that development cannot be environmentally friendly. We have found that spending more time and money in the planning and design stages of development helps preserve the natural features of the ground, resulting in a more attractive appearance. We believe the results of our efforts can clearly be seen by driving through any one of our communities.


Jim Langston

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