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Owners & brothers, Eric & Ian Heuer never envisioned working together when they were growing up, but an offer for both of them to work for a large builder early on in their career was an opportunity that excited them both. Working for this builder fostered a mutual love and passion for helping people realize their dream of building a home. Both brothers started out in sales but also had the opportunity to learn more about estimating and design. From there, Ian took an opportunity in South Florida to work on a large residential & commercial development where he would learn other aspects of home building & real estate development. Shortly after the crash of the real estate market in 2008, Eric & Ian decided to take the opportunity to partner up in business. Early on in their new venture, they focused on remodels and selling residential real estate but it was a struggle in a difficult housing market. After a few years of growth, the opportunity came to build their first home for some clients that could not find a builder that they were comfortable with in their budget. This client had some connections & relationships with some subcontractors & suppliers in the building industry and wanted to find a builder that would allow them to take advantage of the savings they could obtain. Through this experience, Eric & Ian began to realize this unique way they could partner with clients. Building a house at cost, plus a flat builder management fee would allow clients to have some say in the choosing of certain suppliers and subcontractors as well as put Heuer Homes on the same team with their clients. This transparent open bid system was also a better fit for the Heuer brothers as they weren’t comfortable with the many hidden costs & kickbacks that some builders have & receive. Heuer Homes is excited for the future as more opportunities come to guide people through the process of building their dream home.


Ian Heuer

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