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VoluMod, LLC


We impact lives by creating innovative, efficient, attainable and sustainable homes by our people for the people. We restore hope by transforming communities across Indiana and beyond.

At Volumod LLC, we’re restoring hope in the home! Our mission allows us to build efficient, innovative, sustainable, and attainable homes that offer the prospect of home ownership to millions of working Americans. Home is a sacred space where love and friendship is fostered and connections are strengthened. For many, the dream of owning a home, and bringing security and permanence to the next generation, seems hopeless. Are quality finishes and spacious floorplans out-of-reach for average households? Not anymore!

Volumod LLC is a volumetric modular construction facility on the east side of Indianapolis, Indiana. Revolutionizing the construction industry, Volumod constructs both attached and detached housing in an environmentally-controlled factory setting for year around building. The new venture, spearheaded by leaders in the real estate sector, provides new jobs to both experienced and entry-level tradespeople. Together with other east side community and church organizations, Volumod is actively working to revitalize the east side of Indianapolis, and provide an attainable housing solution to working households in Indiana and beyond.

The innovation of factory construction provides opportunities to address common challenges which threaten to derail conventional on-site construction. Mass production leads to greater efficiency, reduction in delays and personnel errors that routinely occur on a traditional job site. Unencumbered by weather or material inefficiencies, volumetric modular construction continues rain or shine, producing an efficient, sustainable, high-quality product at an affordable cost. Find out more about how the modular construction process is the next big thing in home building.


Joe LeMark

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