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Indianapolis is the largest city in America not located on a large river, lake or near mountain streams.  That’s why the history of Geist and Morse reservoirs is important for its proactive growth planning for the Indianapolis metro area. 
The Indianapolis Water Company (IWC) designed and built Geist and Morse Reservoirs after a mid-twentieth century study indicated that the future growth of the city was dependent on the stored water capabilities in the area.  Construction of Geist Reservoir began in 1941, with Morse following shortly after in 1956.  Both were created in an ecologically sound method by using several small creeks as water sources.
The reservoirs were largely isolated bodies of water for more than three decades until the IWC started a program of real estate development in the early 1980s.  Today, upscale home developments encircle both lakes, providing lakefront living and waterfront access.  In addition, both lakes offer beautiful recreational resources to the community for swimming, boating and fishing.


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