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Old Town Design Group, LLC


The Old Town Design Group specializes in developing and building unique residential communities. Our motto of “outstanding locations, timeless designs” embodies our philosophy of offering clients the opportunity to live in dynamic, pedestrian friendly areas featuring home designs that are reminiscent of days gone by.  Quality materials, right-sized floor plans, and classical architectural styles are the mark of an Old Town Design Group community.
While we are known for building craftsman styled cottage homes in the Old Town area of Carmel, IN, our expertise is in creating opportunities for clients to live in both the ideal home and the ideal location.  Whether in one of our planned communities or on your own lot, let The Old Town Design Group create a timeless home for you to enjoy for years to come.
“We didn't know this when we were looking for a builder, but for us, the most important criteria turned out to be trust. We've never built a house before,and we suddenly had to make all sorts of decisions about things we've never even thought about. In the midst of changing our minds, not quite understanding things or just plain forgetting, it was really important that we were working with someone who we trusted, who wouldn't just throw a contract at us in the midst of a disagreement. And thankfully, that ‘someone’ was Justin Moffett and Jeff Langston.”
Stan & Allison Chen

 “The experience of building and living in an Old Town Design Group home in downtown Carmel has exceeded our expectations on every level. Justin and Wendy and the rest of the design team captured the look and feel of the home we wanted to build, giving valuable advice along the way, and patiently answering our endless questions and revising and re-revising the plans until they were just what we wanted.
“We recommend Old Town Design Group without hesitation. Unfortunately, they will not be building another home for us, as they have already built us our dream home!”
Steve & Jacque Kirsh

“Saying ‘thank you’ hardly feels appropriate when someone makes your dreams come true. We trusted OTDG to build the house of dreams, and they gave us a home that is more than we could have imagined. We’d recommend OTDG to our closest friends and family – in fact we already have!
“We love our new home!  Justin Moffett is among the best in the industry. He helped us find the right location, tweak our designs in ways we never would have thought of, guided us with patience and grace through the building process, and continued to follow-up to make sure we’re completely satisfied even after we moved into the house. Working with OTDG feels like I’m working with close friends who are personally invested in making our new house the perfect home for our family.
“Anyone considering building a home with OTDG needs to understand that every member of the OTDG team treated us like family. Literally. We never imagined the experience would be so personalized and so much care would be given to making sure we were 100% satisfied.”
Josh & Denise Orendi


Jeff Langston

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