Whether you’re buying or selling a home, we’re here to make things go easier. We remove many of the common pain points associated with a traditional experience, helping you move freely. This is real estate the way it should be – this is Offerpad.

Our values:

Homes not houses

A house is property, but a home is uniquely personal – a place full of emotion and memories. We help people move freely so they can live their best lives, wherever “home” happens to be.

Freedom first

Providing home buyers and sellers freedom is our passion. No one should ever feel stuck. We provide convenience, control and certainty in all we do.

Every day matters

We operate with urgency in pursuit of delivering the best customer experience in the industry. There’s no room for hesitation – we count the days with the goal to use less.

Results rule

We get things done. We celebrate doers. We don’t talk about what we’re going to do, we just do it. When we see a problem, we solve it.

Embrace our roots

We know homes. We understand the people in those homes at a “living room” level. We leverage our past to provide the best way to buy and sell a home.


Brandt McCoskey

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