Midwest Landscape Industries


Midwest Landscape Industries, Inc. was established with the vision to build a company with strong values and dedication to provide the highest quality of landscape construction and landscape management available.  These values are driven by a desire to exceed expectations in everything we do, in a manner that is both ethical and efficient.  MLI also wants to be a great place to work - providing good wages and opportunities for all employees. There are several factors that are drawing the vision and success of MLI.

PASSION : As MLI is in the early stages of development, the passion that is within each team member is a self contribution that will allow this company to be victorious.  Ultimately, passion is the driving force behind success and happiness that allows us all to live better lives.  In creating this environment with those associated is the outlying foundation to this organization.

EXPERIENCE :  The MLI team has several years of accumulated experience that has contributed to building and maintaining landscapes within central Indiana.  From mowing lawns, installing softscapes, designing outdoor living spaces - all the way to craning and hoisting materials up to a 7th floor green roof to allow enjoyment of all ages, WE have the experience to create your dream and deliver your expectations.

CAPABILITIES : The options are endless when you are looking for advice on an exterior project or someone to maintain your property.  The network and resources tied to MLI make decisions and sequencing much easier as you choose the right landscape professional.


Steve Hastings

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