Johnson's Hauling & Excavating, LLC


Our locally owned excavating company has worked on a variety of projects. Below is a list of core services, however we are capable of much more. If you have a project in mind please call us to discuss. If we can’t handle, chances are we have can refer you to another local business.

Grading: Shaping and preparing land during and after building a home, agricultural or business structure.

Demolition: Our team will clear land, demolish structures, driveways, debris and more to prepare your home, business, pool, driveway or other project.

Hauling: Let us dispose of your debris, structures, tree, etc. by safely hauling it away and disposing of properly. We can also haul dirt, stone, boulders and more for your project.

Drains: Add drains to your home or business.

Retaining Walls / Landscaping: Beautify or add privacy and function with retaining walls, mounds, or other landscaping projects.

Sewer/Water Repairs: Sewer and water preparations and/or repairs.

Driveway Removal: Removal of your old driveway so a new one can be created.


Dallas Johnson

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