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About Us

Emplify is on a mission to help one million employees do the best work of their careers. Giving organizations a way unlock the potential of their people, Emplify’s Insights™ framework distills culture and feedback into employee analytics that enable leaders to make better data-driven decisions.
Like most great success stories, Emplify began as a simple idea.

As we considered ways to improve engagement for our own employees, we thought that bringing snacks into the office might be a good place to start. But when we polled our team, the results showed that what people actually wanted was a 401(k) match—and then maybe some snacks.
This was a pivotal moment for us as we realized that soliciting and quantifying honest feedback is the only way to truly understand and work toward improving employee engagement. After all, you have a metric for everything else in your business—why not culture?

So we set out to build a tool that helps leaders to know exactly what they need to do in order to improve engagement for their organizations. We created Emplify Insights, a tool that delivers an honest, straightforward view of your company through confidential, data-driven surveys. Based on scientific measurements of employee engagement, each survey is completely confidential and provides leaders with a single top-line score to track progress each quarter.

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