Bespoke Construction LLC


4 years ago our president, Rob Cooper, founded Bespoke Construction. With the idea of providing not only a tailored service but also a solution to clients, and like that BC was born in Indianapolis, Indiana.

As a general contractor, we have skilled craftsmen, engineers and designers who will work with you to maximize your home’s potential based on your specific desires and needs.

Our team here at Bespoke has the knowledge, creativity and attention-to-detail required for virtually and project.

Core Values: Integrity, Ownership, Client Centric and Innovation

Mission: We provide solutions. Whether we are creating more space, updating a design, or making a space more sage and functional, it’s about providing a solution for the client each and every time.

Vision: Our informed and detail-oriented approach to construction and design as well as an emphasis on communication will provide you with peace of mind and a sense of comfort through every step of the process


Robert Cooper

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