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Cranfill Development Corp.


Cranfill Development is a land development company that specializes in retail and residential communities. Our corporate offices are located in Brownsburg, IN, twenty minutes from Indianapolis on a classified forest and wild lands preserve known as Hidden River Farms. Complete with a lake, creek, numerous ravines, rolling wooded land and a log cabin, Hidden River Farms is a sportsman’s and Nature lover’s paradise.

In all projects, we promote healthy stewardship of the land. Cranfill Development has won awards for its landscaping, over all project designs, as well as business of the year.

Each project is unique and treated as such. In residential projects, we preserve the land’s natural amenities while enhancing its open areas with dense, beautiful landscaping and creating amenities where none existed previously. Retail properties are enhanced, but not over powered by landscaping. Architectural detailing, enhanced site lines, outstanding amenities and cleanliness are some of the items one expects to find in a Cranfill Development project.


Mark Cranfill

Larry Cranfill

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